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Just close your eyes for a moment.  Picture yourself in your grandmother’s or mom’s kitchen. Maybe a special holiday or a special celebration is near or perhaps it’s just that time of year when local harvests of sweet ripe strawberries, raspberries or blueberries are bountiful.  It is these times when all those delicious and favorite recipes adorn our kitchens and excite our palates. However, today the nostalgic, made from scratch quality of bakery goods is hard to find. This is why we created Heirzoom Bakery…Heirloom recipes made easy!

We are masters of marrying the art of artisanal baking with enticement of the senses; delivering sweet aromas, delicate tender textures, and fresh home-baked flavor in ready-to-bake and fully baked forms.

We aspire to consistently deliver irresistible freshly baked heirloom recipe products and indulge our customers with smiles of satisfaction as they savor their memories.​

Heirloom recipe handed down by Aunt Betty

What’s a Fennome?

Fennome is the first line of products Heirzoom Bakery is proud to offer,  inspired from a recipe baked often by my dear Aunt Betty. Aunt Betty loved to bake. Every holiday or special occasion she would mix, roll, fill and bake trays and trays of these wonderful flaky spirals of fruit and buttery pastry.  They were so special and always the first treat that resulted in an empty plate…perhaps just a few crumbs or a sprinkling of powdered sugar left as evidence of her passion.

A fennome is a spiral-rolled, flaky, mini – two bite, fruit-filled pastry, light as a feather with a crispy surface texture.   Their name was inspired by the Hungarian  term “finom” which means delicious, delicate and tasty. Always made the old-fashioned way – no artificial ingredients, colors, flavors or preservatives of any kind.

Diane’s Inspiration – Owner and passionate lover of authentic ethnic foods

A few years ago I became so frustrated when I would go into a local bakery brimming with dozens and dozens of cookies, cakes and pastries looking absolutely delicious, but upon taking a bite, time after time I would be so disappointed.  What happened to the butter in the butter cream?  The real raspberries in the puff pastry twists? The pound cakes were filled with corn syrup and vegetable shortening, instead of real cane sugar and real butter. As these changes evolved, they were no longer the recipes that we remember loving.

I was inspired to launch Heirzoom Bakery to offer authentic ethnic baked goods to everyone the way they were meant to be. What makes this company so special is that we are not just a manufacturer of premium specialty baked goods.  We are so much more than that!  To the generation who remembers, we take you back to a place almost forgotten.  After taking a bite our customers often say something like “Wow I remember my grandma made something like this but haven’t experienced it in years!”

Heirzoom Bakery fennome are also quite special to younger ethnic food lovers.  A few bites of fennome will take you on a journey to a place you may have never had the opportunity of visiting, or that existed years before you were even born.

I thank you all for your support and appreciation of our culinary passion and are delighted to share our family recipe with you!

Savor the Memory

The irresistible mini pastries are available in:

  • Apricot
  • Apricot Ginger
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry

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